Turquoise Heals 

Turquoise Heals is an online coaching practice based in the Turks and Caicos Islands founded by Ashleigh Simonton.

Turquoise Heals offers Recovery & Lifestyle Transformation Coaching, assisting those that are recovering in all areas of their lives, at any point in their journey. After all, we are all recovering from something.
Ashleigh’s personal path of sobriety has lead her to gain a new perspective on life, one with clarity, authenticity and truth. Her passion is to work with others in recovery to help them recognize and maintain the true light that shines within.
If you would like to connect with Ashleigh, please contact her at: ashleigh.simonton@gmail.com


Turquoise is known as a truth stone. It is believed to enhance communication. It is one of the oldest protection stones known to bring strength and connection to the Spirit world.