My name is Ashleigh Simonton, I am the Founder of Turquoise Heals.

I am originally from Toronto, Canada and I have been living in the Turks and Caicos Islands for 12 years, 7 of which I have been gratefully sober. I am blessed to be surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, I simply could not ask for a better setting to heal and to support others.

My personal path of sobriety has lead me to gain a new perspective on life, one with clarity, authenticity and truth.

My professional and educational background includes studies and employment in the areas of;  Sociology, Anthropology, Community and Ethnic Studies, Teaching English as a Second Language, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Event Planning, Tourism, Addiction Studies, Recovery Coach Training, and a whole lot of learning through yoga, running, walking, health and wellness, world travel, my dogs, my cats, and, most importantly, life experiences.

If you would like further information on coaching please fill out the required fields below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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