Watch this space for updates on upcoming programs as Turquoise Heals transitions into a new perspective on Healing and Recovery!

Testimonials from previous group sobriety programs:

‘Friends, this is an incredible experience! I had the privilege of participating in the last Alcohol Free Affair;  it was wonderful! Do this for yourself, even if you are in a good place in whatever you’re recovering from! I have so much love and respect for Ashleigh’ – Lenora Olson

‘Ashleigh’s personal attention during this course encouraged me to examine and make some important choices about how to make the most of my sobriety. She is a wonderfully gentle supportive influence! Be sure that Ashleigh puts together a Rockin’ & Rolling Event! I Know!’ – Beth Miner

‘I never thought I could be the life of the party without alcohol. I tend to overdo my intake quite often, especially when I feel I am on display or feel embarrassed. I use it as a social lubricant. I have learned through this program that you have all the power within yourself. I never thought it would be easy to not drink but honestly I have no desire to get hammered anymore!’ – Tina Randall


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